Pogo Stick Jump


Raju lives in a colony. On his 9th birthday, his father gift him a Pogo Stick. He is so excited to play with pogo stick. The pogo stick moves one unit per jump. He wanders around his house jumping with pogo sticks. He wants to show the pogo stick to his friends and decide to go using pogo sticks. Write a program to find number of jumps needed to reach his friends house. Assume that Rajus house is in the location (3,4). Input and Output Format: Input consists of two integers x, y. The x and y corresponds to x and y coordinates of his friends house. Output is an integer - the number of jumps he needs to reach his friends house. Sample Input 5 6 Sample Output Raju needs 3 jumps

Program :

#include <stdio.h>

#include <math.h>

int main ()


int x1=3,y1=4,x2,y2;

float power,power1,power2,sqr;

scanf ("%d",&x2);

scanf ("%d",&y2);





printf ("Raju needs %0.f jumps",sqr);

return 0;