Student Management Systems


1. In this program, create a structure, "student" 2. The structure has three members: name (string), roll (integer) and marks (float). Then, a structure variable "s" is created to store information and display it on the screen. 3. Input the student information and display the details. Mandatory: 1. Create a structure "student" and the structure variable as "s" 2. Print the information using structurevariable.members Example ( Test Case 1 Input (stdin) Bogar 2000 99.51 Expected Output Name=Bogar Roll number=2000 Marks=99.51 Test Case 2 Input (stdin) Tamil 1000 99.99 Expected Output Name=Tamil Roll number=1000 Marks=99.99

Program :

#include <stdio.h>

struct student


    char name[50];

    int roll;

    float marks;

} s;

int main()



    scanf("%d", &s.roll);

    scanf("%f", &s.marks);



    printf("Roll number=%d\n",s.roll);

    printf("Marks=%.2f\n", s.marks);

    return 0;