Display Programmer informations


Program to create a programmer derived from employee which is himself derived from person using Multilevel Inheritance Test Case 1 Input (stdin) Arun 21 Male CTS 15000 3 Expected Output Name: Arun Age: 21 Gender: Male Name of Company: CTS Salary: Rs.15000 Number of programming language known: 3 Test Case 2 Input (stdin) sathya 40 FeMale IBM 55000 3 Expected Output Name: sathya Age: 40 Gender: FeMale Name of Company: IBM Salary: Rs.55000 Number of programming language known: 3

Program :

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


char n[50],g[50],c[50];

  int a,s,p;


  cout<<"Name: "<<n;

  cout<<"\nAge: "<<a;

  cout<<"\nGender: "<<g;

  cout<<"\nName of Company: "<<c;

  cout<<"\nSalary: Rs."<<s;

  cout<<"\nNumber of programming language known: "<<p;

return 0;